Bow making is today a concrete reality, present and clearly distinguishable in the lutherie sector. Although bow and instrument are part of a single great artistic movement in the musical field, the distinction was necessary in order to be able to define the object that structures and generates the sound (the instrument) and the spark that manages to ignite and animate it (the bow).

The specific choice of materials, the study of combinations and pairings between them as well as the constant comparison between modernization and tradition, are the flagship of our laboratory, which finds, within a limited and high-level production, its distinctive and fundamental feature for the creation of elements that guarantee uniquemess at every price range.

Two hundred and twenty years of bowmaking history represent for us the foundations from which to start the search for a new and modern imprint, characterized by the important combination of conviction, commitment, an open mind and a constant availability in terms of time and dedication. Will we stop?

No, not until there are musicians who, as it has been in the last decades, reward our choices and show interest in our unique and top-notch products.

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