Emilio Slaviero


I don't recall the first time I heard the sound of a violin, but I do remember that, at the age of twelve at a friend's house, I listened to Tchaikovsky's entire concerto for violin and orchestra: love at first sound.

The notes floating in the air would then soon meet my passion for drawing and sculpture. It was, once again, thanks to a friend and to my competitive spirit, that in 1980 I decided to enroll in bow-making school: that friend, whom I met in front of the school, was holding a bow made with his own hands...my thought was immediate and determined: I had to do like him! I was then able, at school, to reconcile design, sculpture, music and stylistic freedom.

With J. F. Raffin I approached the study of ancient bows, learning the secrets and reinterpreting them. The world capital of bow making is certainly Paris, but staying in Cremona was a mission: home of Amati, Guarneri and Stradivari, it really deserved the cultural "transplant" or "implant" of bow making.

My "bow family" was born with a deep bond; with Antonietta, a bowmaker herself, the teamwork was easy: the same set of skills, the division of tasks and the sharing of choices are the secrets that have made our work successful, accompanying our Atelier towards ever new and prestigious goals and giving it an international touch.

In more recent times, our son Luca has joined us, freely deciding to continue the family business, immediately demonstrating his ability and personality.